Hello cat friend, my name is Luka and I have created MeowFluent as a comprehensive blog where cat owners and enthusiasts can read and learn more about cat training and cat behavior to spread the awareness that cats should be more to us than just pets.

My personal passion is feline cognitive behavior and I strongly believe that 99% of all behavior problems come down to a lack of understanding and knowledge between you and your cat. A strong bond is the very foundation of every training.

If your cat doesn’t trust and respect you, training will be much more difficult and a lot less successful. Understanding how your cat perceives and reacts to the world surrounding him will give you a better picture of what needs to be done in order to improve communication.

My Mission

Cat training is a wonderful tool that enables us to properly communicate with our cats. Knowledge, training, exercise, and communication are the magic ingredients that you will have to master in order to form a strong bond that is based on respect and love – and I would like to create that with you.

I would also like to raise the awareness that every cat owner needs to do the proper research before getting any cat or kitty. Fewer cats would end up in shelters if adoption would be viewed as a lifetime commitment and if the right research on the breed would be done.

Owners are obligated to provide cats with the life they deserve by gaining the necessary knowledge first and then taking action. Remember, there are no bad cats and they can’t feel guilty nor are they capable of spiteful behavior. The anthropomorphism of cats in today’s society is dangerous and creates miscommunication.

When this new blog reaches an even bigger audience, I will create a forum, so cat lovers around the world can connect and share their thoughts on certain topics. There I will provide personalized answers to any cat training problems.

Every new subscriber or visitor is a friend to me and can help change the way people think about and treat cats. There are too many misconceptions, especially in the cat training industry. A cat is a companion, not an accessory, not a toy and not a creature without feelings.

If you would like to talk to me, you can send me a message here or leave a comment on one of my posts. I also accept guest posts as a form of a contribution to modern cat training.

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About Astra

I have created this website, MeowFluent, in honor of my beautiful cat Astra, who’s not with us anymore. She was my heart and my soul, she made me smile every day and I loved to play, train and go on adventures with her.

She was the sweetest cat I have ever met and the happiest of them all. She is the reason I want to help as many cat owners as possible so they can experience the same relationship that I had with her.

Her favorite things in life were people and cats and she got very excited about every possible food!

Through daily training and in-depth socialization, she enjoyed her life without fear or uncertainty.

Astra lying on the balcony 🙂

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll find the information on my website useful for your cat!
I deeply appreciate every visitor and I’m deeply grateful that you’re here!

If you have any questions, concerns about your cat you feel you need some guidance to, or comments, please let me know❤️