How To Stop A Cat In Heat From Bleeding

Whether you’re already sharing your home with an intact female or you’re thinking about bringing one home, you’ve probably had to deal with the infamous female cat heat.

All of us have certainly wondered whether or not something can be done about the bleeding at some point.

For some cat owners, the bleeding is just a nuisance while others are seriously concerned about their cat’s health.

You might not be able to hold nature’s process just yet, but you can definitely stop your cat from bleeding everywhere in the house and keep them clean.

How To Stop a Cat in Heat From Bleeding

To contain your cat’s bleeding, you can use cat diapers, washable blankets, plan for more potty breaks, and clean the floor daily. Lastly, you can cautiously wash your cat’s private area.

Other than that, there are no natural ways to stop your cat from bleeding.

You can’t even delay the onset of your cat’s estrus without medication and you can’t control the duration your cat bleeds.

My Munchkin is not exactly an extreme bleeder but she does bleed a lot and I do have some tips for cat owners whose females bleed heavily in heat.

To somewhat control your cat’s bleeding, the catty diaper will be your best friend.

Secondly, replace everything with washable items such as a cat blanket, bed cover, and so on.

Obviously, it’s best to remove carpets or cover furniture that isn’t forgiving when it comes to bloodstains.

These are just external factors and as mentioned, you can’t really avoid the bleeding in a medical sense.

You do have some control over where and when your cat loses blood in her heat.

Think about your cat’s potty breaks, activity inside the house, and sleeping schedule.

If you bring your cat outside for regular potty breaks, she’ll not only feel better but bleed less inside your house.

Your cat was introduced to the crate and loves it? Another option to stop your cat in heat from bleeding on the floor or furniture.

However, it’s never advised to leave them there purely for this purpose and your cat should be appropriately fed and exercised before going into the crate for a short time.

Try not to encourage lying down and switching sleeping places all the time as this will distribute the blood.

Running inside the house without the catty diaper makes for some nice blood sprinkles on the walls. Trust me, I found out the hard way.

Can You Stop a Female Cat Period?

No, there’s no way to naturally stop a female cat period, neither can you delay it or influence the length of the bleeding unless you want your cat to be spayed.

Bleeding during a cat’s heat is a natural process and can’t really be influenced in any way (unless you’re talking about medication but there are no safe meds just for this purpose).

There isn’t yet a reliable and tested “cat pill” and there are no home remedies to completely stop your cat from losing any blood in her heat.

However, the measures above can really help with limiting where the blood goes.

The only way to stop your female cat’s period permanently is by spaying.

However, spaying your female cat just to stop her heat is not advised unless there’s a medical indication.

Spaying does carry risks. If your cat is not yet fully grown (i.e. under 1.5-2 years of age), spaying should almost never be advised. That doesn’t mean that every vet will say no.

You might’ve heard about pyometra, and yes, there’s a real risk for that but please research thoroughly and then decide whether or not investing in catty diapers and containing your cat’s bleeding is tolerable.

Does a Cat Bleed the Whole Time in Heat?

Luckily, your cat does not bleed during the whole time in heat, but you need to be wary of interested male cats nonetheless.

A cat in heat’s bleeding can’t be stopped but some only bleed for 7 days while for others, it can go up to 10 days or even beyond.

How To Keep House Clean When Cat Is In Heat

You can keep your house clean with a cat in heat by removing carpets, using couch covers, washable cat beds and blankets, and cautiously washing your cat’s private area if necessary.

As mentioned above, catty diapers will be your best bet to avoid having to clean the house in the first place.

However, it will happen sooner or later that your cat loses a drop and in that case, just calmly remove the blood quickly to avoid staining.

Don’t ever scold your cat for bleeding in heat since this will have absolutely no positive effect on their behavior, it might only result in a behavioral issue.