Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

Cats are wonderful pets, and if you don’t want to adopt them, you can always buy them. In this article we will bring you an overview of the most expensive cats in the world.

So what are the most expensive cats in the world?

1. Russian Blue Cat

Facts: What makes her special is above all: silky blue-gray hair, emerald green eyes and the fact that she is very affectionate and loyal. She meows very softly, and the pads on her paws are the color of lavender. It originates from Russia, and although its name says that it is blue, it can be born in various shades. Because of her sociable personality, she is ideal for a family.

Price: $400 – $3000

russian blue cat

2. Bengal Cat

Facts: The Bengal cat is a specially bred species created by mixing a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat, which owes its “wild patterns” and appearance. Also, it is a larger species and one that is definitely not for people who want a quiet pet, because it loves adventures. Curiosity: it can produce a sound similar to a tweet.

Price: $1000 – $25 000

bengal cat

3. Persian Cat

Facts: The Persian cat is one of the oldest breeds in the world. Although it has significantly changed its appearance over the years, it is still recognizable today for its gorgeous fur and long hair.

It comes in many colors, but cat lovers prefer the so-called silver-shaded, or almost white Persian with green eyes. It originates from the Middle East. Cute, calm and mild-mannered, he often befriends small animals, parrots, guinea pigs or hamsters. She is not overly playful, so many call her a salon cat.

Price: $800 – $5 500

persian cat

4. Peterbald Cat

Facts: This species originated in 1994 in the Russian city of St. Petersburg, as a result of experimental mating of a Donskoy cat with a Siamese and Oriental shorthair cat. It is one of the “bald” types of cats, which arrived in the United States only in 2006. She has penetrating blue eyes and is very curious, but is not recognized in most registries, but has experimental status.

Price: $1200 – $5000

peterbald cat

5. Manx Cat

Facts: The Manx cat originated on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea and is considered one of the most demanding species. Kittens that inherit the Manx gene can have spinal deformities and colon damage. Careful cultivation can minimize or eliminate deficiencies.

Kittens that take the Manx cat gene from both parents will die very early. The Manx cat can have different tail lengths. They can be completely tailless, and can often have a hole in the bottom of the spine. Today’s ideal Manx for exhibitions is completely tailless.

Also, the hind legs are longer than the front ones so they have a very unusual gait, like a “bunny hop” gait.

Price: $800 – 4000

manx cat

6. Sphynx Cat

Facts: The first Sphynx cat was born in 1966 in Toronto, and her characteristic is that she has no fur. She is very intelligent, loud and “talkative” and loves to be part of the family. She gets along great with children and can’t stand Siamese cats.

They are not a species that likes to be independent like other cats. As they have no fur, these are exclusively domestic cats that should not be exposed to direct sunlight or cold for too long. These cats have an accelerated metabolism to maintain body temperature, so they eat more than other cats, but are not picky when it comes to food.

Likewise, they require regular care, despite the fact that they have no hair. They also sweat, so they need to be wiped regularly with wet baby wipes and occasionally bathed in warm water. They are very warm to the touch.

Price: $300 – $3000

Sphynx cat

7. Scottish Fold

Facts: The Scottish Fold is a very interesting medium-sized cat, especially recognizable by its small, folded ears and very endearing character. Folded ears are caused by a dominant gene that affects the cartilage in the ears, causing them to take on a specific shape.

As the gene is dominant, all Scottish folds must have at least one parent with folded ears. If both have folded ears, the likelihood of a congenital inherited disease osteodystrophy increases, meaning their bones expand and distort.

Because of that, one fold of folded and the other of upright ears is usually steamed. All Scottish folds come into the world with flat ears, and the ears start to bend after about three weeks.

Price: $200 – $3000

scottish fold

8. The British Shorthair

Facts: This species evolved during the 19th century from British domestic and farm cats. The British Shorthair is called the “teddy bear” among cats, because of its very thick fur and full cheeks, and in addition, she is very intelligent, tolerant and a very good hunter. She is ideal for people who want a quiet pet.

The British Shorthair’s are very sociable, and are known for being like kittens that owners like to follow around the house. Experienced breeders describe them as family pets who, due to their friendliness, openness and unobtrusiveness, get along well with other pets, small children and all family members.

Price: $500 – $1500

british shorthair

9. Maine Coon

Facts: It is an impressive, large and large cat with long brown, red and white hair, and can be in other colors. The coordination of the front paws is very good, so these cats will learn to open the door, take smaller objects, etc.

Many cats of this breed have excess fingers, and the cat Stewie, who was declared the longest cat in the world, with its 123 centimeters, is a member of this breed.

Price: $1000

maine coon

10. Savannah Cat

Facts: Savannah is a hybrid species created by crossing a wild African and a domestic cat. As with the Bengal cat, it also requires someone to deal with it, as it is very lively by nature. She is a very good jumper, who can easily jump to the top of your refrigerator.

Another interesting feature is the fact that this cat also has a sense of humor. Some of her favorite jokes are hiding from the owner, and then when she’s sure you don’t see her, she’ll stab you with her paw or climb up to some high place and throw things at you. At least it will be a joke for her.

Price: $15 000 – $125 000

savannah cat

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