What Happens If A Cat Drinks Blue Toilet Water?

Cats will eat and drink the most disgusting things, and this includes blue bleach toilet water. Without the bleach in the toilet, you might not be so worried, but if the disinfectant toilet bowl clearer is in there, you should be concerned. But just what should you do if your cat drinks the blue toilet water?

What happens if a cat drinks blue toilet water? If a cat drinks blue toilet water, they can get sick. Chances are they will be fine, as it’s so diluted in the toilet bowl, but sickness might still range from a mild stomach upset to other serious symptoms.

To be on the very safe side, always consult with a vet. Whilst it should be diluted enough to not cause a serious problem, blue toilet water is still unsafe as it contains toxic chemical deposits from the cleaning product used.

Keep reading to know why your cat would opt to quench their thirst from your toilet, of all places. Is there anything you can (or shouldn’t) do when you realize your cat has drunk blue toilet water? You’ll have the answer to this and more by the end of this article.

Blue toilet water for cats: how bad is it?

Our feline friends are famous for a lot of weird behaviors. Among them — drinking water from the toilet bowl.

Besides being shocking, this gross habit can leave you gagging in the worst ways!

If you’re among those who love using blue-colored toilet cleaning tables and detergents to keep your bowl smelling fresh and looking sparkling, the sight of your cat taking blue water is enough to make your heart race so fast!

toilet water cat

Toilet cleaning products contain harmful chemicals like bleach, hydrochloric acid, and more. When these toxic ingredients mix with the clean toilet water inside the bowl, the resulting solution is potentially dangerous when ingested.

That’s why blue toilet water is potentially poisonous and toxic for your cat. Toilet cleaning products are among the leading causes of pet poisoning in homes.

Yes, you read that right.

The thought of pet poisoning happening inside your home — the place you consider safest for your cat — can be scary, but it happens. Good thing, it’s completely avoidable, and I’ll share how in a bit.

Your cat is likely to fall sick after drinking blue water. They may experience symptoms including:

  • Stomach upsets.
  • Burning sensation in the mouth and throat.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.

The intensity of these side effects will also depend on how concentrated the toilet water is with the cleaner product.

If you poured too much of the product, or your cat swallowed pieces of blue cleaning tablets that hadn’t fully dissolved in the water, their symptoms could be more serious. When this happens, you’ll need to make an emergency visit to your vet.

In case you used small amounts of the cleaning product or caught your cat right before it took several gulps, the symptoms may be mild. Here, you can use some home remedies to relieve the symptoms.

The most popular remedy is giving your cat some milk or fresh water right after the incident. Water will dilute the blue water’s concentration in your cat’s tummy, while milk can neutralize the blue water’s acidity. Before administering anything, though, be sure to give your vet a call first so they can advise you on the appropriate remedy.

Generally, it’s also advisable to still take your cat for evaluation even if they aren’t exhibiting severe symptoms after taking blue toilet water.

Now, here’s what you should NEVER do.

Don’t… and I repeat… Don’t try to make your cat vomit if they haven’t. Why? The blue water might be highly acidic. If you induce vomiting, the vomit can cause severe burning irritation as it moves up your cat’s throat.

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Why do cats drink toilet water?

Now, you may wonder why your cat would head over to the toilet for some blue toilet water (but just to clarify, blue water wasn’t exactly what your cat had in mind). There are a couple of reasons for this:

cat toilet water
  • Your cat may have already gotten used to drinking normal toilet water. Cats can’t truly tell that a toilet soaked with a cleaning detergent is unsafe. For this reason, they’ll still proceed to drink the water, thinking it’s still as harmless as the clear toilet water.
  • Cats find toilet water cool and refreshing. Yes, it might be from the toilet, but to your cat, clean and cool water is worth every gulp! If the water in their bowls sits around for hours and becomes too warm to enjoy, your cat will go for toilet water.
  • Toilet water is the perfect alternative if they’ve run out of water in their drinking bowls.
  • Your cat loves how accessible toilet water is. They know they’re tall enough to reach for the toilet water without straining.

I can almost hear you thinking, does that make normal toilet water safe?

It’s always sparkling clear, so it’s definitely safe, right? Wrong!

Cats drinking toilet water – the risks?

Blue toilet water may be the bigger enemy. But that doesn’t mean normal toilet water is entirely safe. If your feline buddy drinks toilet water frequently, they’ll fall sick at some point.

Your toilet bowl might be a breeding ground for nasty bacteria like E.coli, especially if you don’t clean it using bacteria-killing cleaners as often. If your cat drinks toilet water contaminated with the bacteria, they risk getting serious diarrhea issues and other awful illnesses.

Exposing your furry companion to bacteria is almost as dangerous as exposing them to toxic blue water chemicals. Fortunately, there are simple precautions you can take to ensure none of these happen. Here’s what you can do:

  • Always leave your toilet lid down.
  • If they’ve mastered how to open up the lid, it’s time to leave your bathroom door locked. Be sure to tell everyone else in the house to do the same.
  • Consider other cat-safe toilet cleaner alternatives, like diluted vinegar.
  • Have several bowls of fresh water around your house. That way, your cat won’t run out of drinking water.
  • To keep your cat’s water cool for the day, add a couple of ice cubes.
  • Change the drinking water in your cat’s bowl every day, and replace it with fresh water.
  • Set up a simple water fountain to keep fresh water running for your cat to enjoy!

Related questions

What happens if a cat drinks toilet bowl cleaner?

Toilet bowl cleaner will make your cat sick. This cleaning product is loaded with toxic chemicals that can turn a cat from healthy to unhealthy in minutes or hours.

They’re likely to experience a burning sensation in the mouth and throat, stomach discomfort, vomiting, and diarrhea. It’s best to keep your toilet area inaccessible to your cat using the tips mentioned earlier.

Can my cat get sick from drinking toilet water?

Yes, your cat can get sick form drinking toilet water. But remember, the toilet water itself isn’t what will make your cat sick. Instead, it’s the hidden germs and bacteria (like the notorious E.coli) in your toilet bowl that contaminates the clean toilet water, making it unsafe for your cat.

If your cat repeatedly drinks toilet water, these nasty bacteria will build up in their body, and they may eventually fall sick.

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What happens if my cat drinks bleach toilet water?

Drinking bleach toilet water can cause burns in your cat’s mouth, throat, and stomach lining because bleach is corrosive.

It can even cause gastrointestinal bleeding, vomiting, and serious diarrhea. You need to alert your vet as soon as possible if your cat drinks bleach water.

Is toilet water safe to drink?

Toilet water isn’t entirely safe to drink. The water might still be contaminated with e.coli bacteria that are often present in toilet bowls (especially if you don’t thoroughly disinfect your toilet regularly)

Why do cats drink toilet water?

There are a few reasons. They’ll drink toilet water if the water in their drinking bowls has run out. They also do it because toilet water is accessible. And as crazy as it may sound, cats enjoy how cool and quenching toilet water is.


No one wants to walk in on their cats inside the bathroom with their head buried deep inside the toilet bowl taking a long, slurpy drink of the blue toilet water without a care in the world. But if you find yourself in this situation, will your cat be alright?

In most cases, yes, your cat probably will be ok if she drinks a small amount of blue toilet water. But if there’s any doubt or uncertainty, please speak to a professional vet.