Why Does My Cat Lick The Shower Curtain? Cat Behaviors Explained.

If you feel like you’re aware of cat’s strange habits, then it may not surprise you when one day you’re showering, and just as you’re finished and open the bathroom door, your cat hops in and starts licking the shower curtain. This strange occurrence may happen every time after you’re finished showering, and now you’re starting to wonder whether something’s wrong with your cat or the shower gel you’re using.

Truly, cats are curious animals, and no what kind of cat you have, your cat will want to bond with you in the most private of spaces, and bathrooms are no exceptions.

But is this strange habit your cat has something that’s truly beneficial for her? Is the fact that your cat is licking the shower curtains something you should be worried about, or just let it be.

In this short article, we’ll explain the most common reasons why a cat will want to lick the shower curtains and what you can do about it.

Why Does My Cat Lick The Shower Curtain?

Cats like to lick everything, from plastic bags, wet towels, to even the shower curtains.

One of the main reasons cats are attracted to licking the shower curtain is because many shower curtains are made with animal fat or tallow, which attracts cat, quite similarly to the way plastic bags are made with fish oil to preserve the plastic material and keep it from binding. Therefore, cats will want to lick some of the taste that corresponds with the shower curtain’s scent.


How Do I Get My Cat To Stop Chewing The Shower Curtain?

1. Make sure your bathroom door is closed

To put it quite simply – if your bathroom door is closed, there is no way a cat would be able to enter the bathroom and lick the shower curtains. Be mindful of closing the bathroom door especially before, during or after your shower – since dangerous for animals chemicals can spread out from your shower gel, hair conditioner or shampoo, stick to the shower curtain, and cause harmful side-effects to your cat, if she tries to lick it.

2. Replace your shower curtain

Replace your shower curtain with another that is not made of plastic, and does not contain the harmful plastic and chemicals. There are plenty of eco-friendly shower curtains that you can buy for a low-price and make your cat’s life free of worry.

3. Spray your shower curtains with a cat deterrent

You can make sure the cat will not touch the shower curtains or even dare go inside the bathroom if you spray it with a cat deterrent. The types of deterrents I would recommend would be homemade ones you can make with apple cider vinegar, lemongrass essential oils, lavender etc.

Check out this amazing guide for a DIY homemade cat deterrent.

Should I Worry If My Cat Licks The Shower Curtains?

Do not worry if your cat licks the shower curtains for even if there are chemicals inside the shower curtains, they should not be that harmful to cause any truly dangerous side-effects.

Just make sure to close the doors before or after your showers, and closely observe your cat’s behavior to determine if there are any particular reasons why she is doing it then may be connected to something else.

If not, then you are to assume that it’s simply the pheromones’ or animal fat on your shower curtains that your cat is attracted to lick. Of course, if this strange behavior continues, do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian about it, for it is always important to seek a professional advice.