Why Is My Cat Afraid Of The Ceiling Fan?

With the arrival of high temperatures during the summer, especially during the hottest hours of the day, it becomes essential to find refreshment, whether its for ourselves or for our loved pets.

Many people have a fan in the house to protect them from the heat, but if the cat is afraid of the ceiling fan, it could create various inconveniences.

But what are the things that we can do to help our cats and kittens not be afraid of the ceiling fans?

Why Is My Cat Afraid Of The Ceiling Fan?

Many studies have shown that the hearing of cats is many times more developed than ours, and also superior to that of the dog.

Because cat’s hearing is so much more broad and sensitive, cats do not like very loud noises. Therefore any fear of the fan is not really linked to the device itself, as it is to the noise and movement it produces –  and it could be the same fear that the cat feels towards similar appliances, such as the hairdryer.

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Do All Cats Like Fans Blowing On Them?

While there are many cats who dislike fans blowing on them, there are also those who don’t, so quite simply, don’t assume that all cats don’t like fans. This question is very vague and can only be answered on an individual basis.

Different factors such as personality traits, age and breed type may all determine whether or not your cat likes the noise of the ceiling fans spinning.

My Cat Meows At The Ceiling Fan

If your cat is meowing at the ceiling fan, this certainly points that the cat is showing signs of distress, and is most likely already in the state of discomfort or expressing her curiosity.

Pay attention to the way your cat is meowing as well as her movement and state of energy to determine how she feels.

How To Get Your Cat Used To The Ceiling Fan

Some cats have the tendency to hide in various corners of the house when they hear the terrifying, rumbling noise of the ceiling fan, and suffer greatly in terms of stress. However, if we do not turn on the fan, on the contrary, we would suffer excessively from the heat, especially if we do not have an alternative solution.

So, what can you do?

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Getting your cat used to the fan from an early age is the best possible solution to get your cat used to the ceiling fan. If the ceiling fan becomes familiar to the little feline creature, it should create no particular obstacles.

However, the difficulties from using the ceiling fan usually arise from the fact that it is a seasonal appliance. Most people tend to use ceiling fans only during the summer – if this coincides with the first months of the kitten’s life, it will liken the probability that your kitten will get used to it.

Getting an adult cat used to the presence of the ceiling fan could be a little bit more complicated, if the feline is already showing signs of fear.

The best approach is to get your cat used to the ceiling fan is to turn it on, in the presence of the cat but also – in a very large room. This way, for very subtle animal senses, your cat will be able to get used to the fan from afar, at a “safe distance”.

It would be advisable to set the fan to the minimum level, in order to reduce the noise, as well as to turn on other appliances with which the cat is familiar, such as the television. Monitor your cat’s reaction, and decide what to do.

If the cat is afraid, the best strategy is to have him associate a positive memory with the device – take out the favorite delicacy of your four-legged friend, so that he/she may reconnect the idea of the fan ignition to a delicious snack.

Remember to have extreme patience because this is something that may take longer than expected.