7 Strangest Cat Curiosities You Probably Didn’t Know

For all of us who love animals, and in this case cats, it is worth knowing some of their curiosities. Because without a doubt they have them and thus it will help you to understand a little more both their behavior and their own nature.

Very often, cats are thought of being very independent animals, but undoubtedly, among cat’s curiosities, there is also this other part of them which makes them more vulnerable than we think. After reading this post you will know more about cats and how to take care for them.

Cats Were Thought Of As Gods in Ancient Egypt

We have to go back in time and take a dizzying step, but it’s worth it. It is said that in ancient Egypt they were sacred. So much so that anyone who kidnapped them or did them the least harm would be punished with death. Because cats were much needed as hunters . When one of them dies, the family has to pluck their eyebrows. It was the duel they showed!

Cats Are Thriving Beings

While it is true that on many occasions we hear them soft, there is a reason for all this. It is not general, that is, it is sometimes not carried to the letter but is in the majority. When we hear the cat’s meow, it’s because they want to communicate with people. They try to tell us something even though we do not understand them. It’s a way to get the attention they have and it’s true that when that happens, they’re catching our attention.

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Cats’ Whiskers Are Their Tool For Orientation

That’s why they do not like it too much when you ironed their mustache. Among the cat’s curiosities, this is another important one. For their whiskers, their sense of direction is. Not only that, but thanks to them, they can now measure the distance of the objects. This way, it is easier for them to walk and control the spaces well.

Cats Can Give You Compliments

When they give us a compliment, it is always a gesture of generosity, so you will be welcome. If this is the case between humans, the animals would not be left behind either. Another of the cat’s curiosities is that they lick human hands as well as their hair or your face. If they do, don’t worry, it’s a good sign. This just means they welcome you as one of their own.

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Cats Do Not Know The Taste Of Sweet

If cats took away sweet taste, surely we would be second. Since it is one of the ones we like the most, therefore, we can not imagine that cats do not have it. This is due to a type of genetic mutation that changes in the taste buds. So when we see that if they really choose some sweet food, maybe it’s because it contains a little fat and that’s what makes them keep eating.

Cats Are Lactose Intolerant

While it is true that we always agree with the idea that cats drink milk, it is not always something that benefits them. According to studies, cow’s milk is not so good for what we used to imagine. As they grow up, they become lactose intolerant and it is no longer so easy for them to make it possible to digest the sugar that we will meet in the milk. You will notice it in that it will cause both vomiting and diarrhea as well as some stomach upset.

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Cats Sweat Through Their Paws

Cats sweat through their paws because their sweat glands are distributed differently than those that humans have. Hairless cats tend to sweat from the skin because they do not have fur. But as a general rule and in other breeds, they can sweat from the legs, especially from the pillows on the legs, as well as from the chin.