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10 Things Only Cat Owners Can Understand

Kittens have many traits that we (mostly) love. They are cute, cuddly and love to cuddle. But there are things that only cat owners can fully understand. Some of them are pretty ugly (right now, your cat may be defecating in a box in the middle of the house). But in the end, all this represents the joy that cats bring to their owners.

Your Clothes Are Covered With Cat Hair

Trying to clean clothes from cat hair no longer makes sense. After so many attempts, you simply come to terms with the fact that you will simply always have cat hair on you. In the end, when your clothes are covered with cat hair, it’s like, wherever you go, you take the cat with you, which is, a little bit cute, right?

You’ve Stop Keeping Fragile Items Around The House

If the Internet has taught us anything, it is that a cat will tear down absolutely everything you have in the house. We sincerely hope that you do not keep the flowers in glass vases, and that all fragile items are in closed shelves and cabinets.

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You Have To Hide The Toilet Paper From The Cat

If you do not want to defecate in a toilet where there is no toilet paper, we suggest the following: keep the paper as far away from the cat as you can. If she sees him somewhere, you can say goodbye to him.

Cats Always Sleep, Except Between 4 And 6 In The Morning

Cats seem to lie in the sunlight all day and doze off. But there are times when they don’t sleep, and that’s roughly, two to three hours before your wake-up alarm goes off. It’s their time when they want to be active, to stretch and climb on your head.

Your Cat Urinates In A Box, Somewhere In The Middle Of The House

We humans would never even think about going to the bathroom in a small box, unless the situation is really, really serious. But for cats, that’s fine. They don’t mind leaving it to you to clean up and they still know how to soil everything around.

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A Cat Prefers A Cardboard Box To An Expensive Bed

You spend so much time choosing the perfect bed for your beloved pet. You read hundreds of reviews, choose organic cotton that will not irritate her majesty’s skin, and maybe another pillow that will give the cat a divine atmosphere. But whenever the package arrives, the cat rejoices in the box and makes it clear to you that your several hours of choosing a bed for her was in vain.

Your Cat Feeds Better Than You

You eat industrial food, intended for mass production. And your cat eats the highest quality food, which has no gluten or GMO ingredients. And sometimes he throws her around the house, just to show you how grateful she is.

You Accept That The Cat Is The Main One In The House

Don’t even try to dispute this fact. We all know that a cat is always the boss in the house.

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Cats Do Not Respect Your Personal Space

There is no nicer way to say this, but a cat will get in your face regularly. This shows that she likes you, that she is not interested in your personal space and in the end, that she is always in charge.

You Never Know If Your Cat Wants To Be Petted Or Fed

There’s no nicer feeling than petting a cat and she spins. Until you make one wrong move, where she gets annoyed, bites you and digs her claws into your hand.